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Relief from bleeding piles*

Withing 24hous of using Pile Eeze all bleeding stoped. And after using only 1 bottle of Pile Eeze the problem was resolved.

-- Mrs Ntshizi


Relief for piles that reoccurred after surgery*

Since varsity I’ve been struggling with piles, it basically became part of me and caused unbearable pain at times. I finally got the courage to have them removed by surgery. I ignored warnings that I had to watch my diet, and 18 months after the surgery my piles were back. I was horrified and did not have the courage to go for another operation. 

I accidentally stubbled onto PileEeze after doing a search on Google and although very sceptical, decided to put it to the test. I was very relieved to find that my piles were shrinking to my unbelieve, as I thought it can only be removed by surgery.

After using Pile Eeze for 1 month, I recovered completely.  When I discovered that the piles were reoccurring again I got myself some more Pile Eeze and I’ve been pile free for 4 months now.

I am very greatfull for this product, as I now have my life back

--Mr Scubi


Persistent problem resolved*

My husband has been suffering with piles for many years. After using various different remedies, the problem persisted. After using only three bottle of Pile Eeze his pain and suffering was resolved. I also recommended it to a friend who suffered from piles, and she has also been set free from her suffering.

-- Mrs Puff


Almost immediate relief*

After testing and trying various remedies without any success being very despondent, I came to hear of Pile Eeze. Relieve was experienced almost immediately and within 4 days I experienced no more discomfort. Since then I've become a talking advertisement for Pile Eeze and have recommended it to several of my friends who has used it with great success.

-- Mrs Kemp

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